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    Best Paid IPTV For KODI

    Best Paid IPTV For KODI

    In the world of technology we are often searching for the best deal but we also want updated technology that still functions in the appropriate generation.

    You don't see companies still offering dial up packages for internet because most of the known world is aware that you can purchase high speed internet and at the very least, choose the lowest package which is still much faster than dial up.

    KODI has become the answer to millions of TV viewers questions on hot to budget watch TV and still get some sense of value. Now, I must admit, KODI isn't free of it's own hangups but when it's free or should I say, when all you have to pay for is programming every 90 days, it's somewhat more worthwhile than paying $200 per month for satellite or cable.

    Free IPTV apps to download for KODI are far from superior when you compare them to paid versions. Watch tv shows HD, better channels, night and day buffering issues and actual customer support is what you can expect to get when it comes to a paid service like VIP Stream TV

    What I love about technology is the choice we can make in customizing our services the way we want. Now you have the ability to watch what you want, when you want at the price you want.

    For just $25 per month, you can get 5 TV connections and 2,000 channels. We can stop right there and this offer beats HULU, SLING, YouTube TV and Xfinity. You get, all live sports packages, stream local tv channels including news, all premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and all PPV movies and fight events..

    Before you reply with "Wow..." you also get a mobile add which is free with service that allows you to go watch movies online with any android device or laptop without IP restrictions.

    VIP Stream TV is the best paid IPTV for KODI you're going to find. If you have a firestick and you're looking to add a quality paid app, I highly recommend adding VIP Stream TV to your line up. Simply purchase your plan, download, login and enjoy!

    After A Cable Problem This Dad Found How to Get Live TV Without Cable & Save Hundreds of Dollars.

    After A Cable Problem This Dad Found How to Get Live TV Without Cable & Save Hundreds of Dollars.

    Jacob Fuller is a father of two girls. The small family has been living in California since the birth of their first child. Jacob is an electrician and has been doing this job for the last fifteen years. A real hard-working guy. The job did fine for the family when the kids were little. But as the girls are growing up the demands and expenses are growing as well.

    “Back in the days we were able to save some money” Jacob said. “But with our daughters growing up and saving for their college fund, we have to follow a strict budget.”

    Jacob loves watching football and it is one of the most important entertainments in his life. He didn't miss a single football game and watched all the matches live on the television. But now things are changing a little. With the girls reaching almost their teenage years and only one television in the house, Jacob sometimes has to compromise on his football games.

    Both of the girls are doing great in school and Jacob is very proud of how hard working his girls turned out to be. But as the days are passing, time for their college admission is getting closer and closer and a lot of saving has to be done.

    “We were eagerly looking for various possible options to increase our savings at a better pace” Fuller said. For this, the family started to consider cutting off unnecessary expenses.

    cut the cord on your cable tv

    Fuller was now on a mission of finding all the possible expenses from where he could save some extra bucks. Finally, Fuller decided to look if he could save any money by changing his cable network. “I was bogged down by all the utility bills and thought that switching my cable plan might do me some good”

    Jacob was currently paying a lot for his cable connection but still his family was not satisfied by the number of channels they were getting. So, he started to look for other cable service providers but as he did some research he came to know something new to him.

    “With only 2 TV connections, budget services would get me less than a hundred channels with no live sport and very few entertainment channels, what’s good in that?” Fuller said. “I guess I'll just have to keep putting my money on fire for the love of football.”

    This year a day before the Superbowl, there occurred some problem with Jacob’s cable network. He called the cable operator a dozen times but they kept on delaying sending someone over for the technical visit.

    “I did not know what the problem was” Jacob said “The cable operators were also not very cooperative, they kept on making excuses and I knew that the repair was not going to happen anytime soon.”

    A day went by since the connection broke and only few hours were left for the Superbowl to begin. Jacob was now starting to think that he would have to look for the other options else he might miss the big game.

    Jacob decided to watch the game at his friend’s house.

    During the game, Jacob mentioned to Marcus how unhappy he was from his cable operator and that they were overcharging him plus their customer support is pathetic. Marcus told him “you need no cable TV options from now on.” What Marcus said next was going to change his family’s live TV experience forever.

    best iptv for sports

    Marcus said “Man, you could watch TV using an internet connection. You're watching it now!" There are many IPTV services available in the market. All you got to do is pick the best internet TV option for your family.”

    Jacob is old school, so he wasn't clear about the idea of how to get live TV without cable? So, Marcus told him that he started using VIP Stream TV and it was one of the best decisions he made. 

    “I never knew you could watch live TV by using the internet with great quality." Fuller said.

    We were so much impressed by VIP Stream TV that we decided to get it for our family as well.

    Jacob was very much impressed by the picture quality and the number of channels Marcus was getting at such a low price. So, he decided to check out VIP Stream TV for himself.

    “Marcus told me that all I needed was to visit the VIPStreamTV website, choose what I needed and place my order.” Jacob said.

    Now all Jacob had to do was buy a firestick which he did that right away. “When we came home, I went to the website and placed my order. They were providing great packages to buy from and we received our Username and password within 24 hours."

    Within a about 2 days my firestick arrived. I plugged it in, typed my username and password they emailed me and I was set. VIP Stream TV gives 5 TV connections instantly with their service. So, Fuller decided to cut their cable package down to basic.

    “With over 2000 plus channels including sports, entertainment and news, one thing is certain, I can watch anything I like. We use DVR to record shows and only after 15 minutes after a show has aired, it is available for viewing. This means, I will not miss a single football game ever. And the best part is that the packages are so great that it seems we are paying almost nothing for it.”

    After few months, Fuller decided to cut the cord completely. Fuller's family saved hundreds of dollars over the course of only a few months which they put into their savings account.

    The Last Word

    Jacob said, "I wish I had known about VIP STREAM TV long ago. You can get a lot for so little. My girls are happy and so am I.”  

    The Verdict: VIP Stream TV is amazing. Most of the channels come in 1080p and 4k. With thousands of movies on demand for too less of a price makes VIP Stream TV definitely one of the best IPTV services out in the market.



    It's no surprise that the average cost for cable TV is on average $85-$150 per month with continued increases happening each year. I suppose the most interesting part about this is that the monopolized cable and satellite TV industry is realizing that people are looking for ways how to lower cable bill and how to get TV without cable. 

    So they've strategically re-targeted everyone who "thinks" their leaving the controlled industry by offering you "mini-me's" or reduced versions of their service as traps to suck you right back in.

    Services such as Hulu, Sling and many other alternatives to directv is out there. But when you compare them with non-commercial companies they really don't compare in terms of value and price.

    Today we will start with: Sling


    Cost:  Sling Blue will run for $25. Both packages can be had together for $40 monthly.The price of service has now increased.

    Offers: Orange package that provides 30 channels and offers a Blue package that offers 45 channels. You can get both for $45 but you won't get all the channels and it will cost more money to add only a few more channels that they offer which does not include news channels like CBS or ABC or live sports.

    Works With: Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition and the Echo Show video speaker, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and One, Samsung smart TVs. 

    Owned By: Dish 


    Next on the list is DirecTV Now...


    Cost: For 2 TV Connections and $35 for 60 channels (includes ABC, Fox, NBC, CNN, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Food Networks, more). $50 for 80 channels (adds ESPN News, MLB Network, Travel Channel, more). $60 for 100 channels, with special promo drops price to $35 (adds FS2, NBC Golf, NBA TV, DIY Network, more)

    Owned By: DirecTV 

    Offers: No live sports packages, no mobile viewing, blackout rules apply so if you're a Lakers fan forget it when it comes to watching home games.

    Works With: Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition and the Echo Show video speaker, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and One, Samsung smart TVs. 


    Let's take a look at... HULU


    Cost: For unlimited connections is going to cost you about $55 with their best package offering 60 of your basic channels like A&E, Adult Swim, Big Ten Network, Boomerang, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CBS Sports Network, Cheddar.

    Owned By: At&t

    Works With: Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition and the Echo Show video speaker, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and One, Samsung smart TVs. 

    As you can see, you're getting much of the same reduced services STILL controlled by all the providers you're trying to keep your money away from. They offer you little value and premium pricing so that you become frustrated enough to upgrade your service back to $100 just to get a little bit more.

    So we just looked at all the major players and they own the market yet again. Personally, I would prefer Netflix to any of the above mentioned services. If you have Netflix you'd understand why.

    But I wouldn't stop there. Netflix doesn't provide a live network and that's not what their for so pairing it with a service that provides live sports, additional movies and local network channels would make for the best home entertainment.


    Now let's take a look other cable options and the best iptv for sports...

    VIP Stream TV

    Cost: $25 for 5 TV Connections!!!

    Owned By: The little shop around the corner

    Works With: Any android device or Smart TV. Works on Roku and Chromecast via mirroring directly from your phone. Apple products must be unlocked to be capable of downloading 3rd party apps. Mobile app included so it does not cost extra to download and watch your service on your phone or tablet.

    Offers: Over 2,000+ channels, live sports, local news. Includes our bonus app that offers thousands of movies and shows. DVR can be used to record shows but recommend upgrading from a Fire-TV-Stick to Nvidia Shield for more storage capacity if you enjoy recording. But within about 10-15 minutes after show has aired, it's available for viewing. Check out our channel guide for a full understanding.

    *We offer Spanish channels as well*

    I don't know about you but the choice is clear to me. Why continue to pay more for less when there are options for you to pay far less and get so much more without sacrificing quality over price. 

    Most channels come in 1080p and 4K so I don't expect that to be an issue for you. If you're in the market of replacing your current source of entertainment or upgrading it by adding what we provide, come and check us out!

    Other Options Besides Cable

    Other Options Besides Cable
    You've finally decided to cut the cord but what's the next step? What other options besides cable are there? How much will it cost me and what channels will I get now that I'm ready to make the switch? Hopefully this article will point you in the right direction to getting started with the best internet tv options.

    Read more

    How To Get Rid Of Cable and Still Watch TV

    How To Get Rid Of Cable and Still Watch TV

    Hello my friends,

    Shannon here with some more tips and information about keeping the family happy while saving another dollar! This is a game of cents... the more "cents" you have, the less expensive your decision making will be!

    Many of us are still trapped in the delusion that we can't get rid of cable or where can I find someone reputable enough to take their advice and try out other options besides cable.

    Well, perhaps you should keep reading my posts maybe ask me some questions and soon you feel brazen enough to try it out. You don't have to cancel your cable TV if you're not ready!

    In fact, I would recommend keeping it, if you follow my instructions and reduce it all the way down to the basic, basic. Then add VIP Stream TV to your list for just $25. 

    It's legit like paying for HBO, Showtime or some other premium channel you would normally do per month.

    Only now you're getting ALL THE PREMIUM channels and then some!

    Let me ask you, why pay $40 for HULU when you would get over 2,000 channels PLUS thousands of movies that play in 1080p and 4k with our streaming set up?

    I don't know either but you are missing out, you just don't know it because you haven't seen what you could have over what you don't.

    VIP Stream TV is a service that will ultimately pay for itself my friend. To those of you who are paying for cable, you're definitely paying well over $25 per month for it. Some of you actually pay for the fights as well.

    With our set up, you'd keep more than you're paying out. Over just a few months, you could use your savings any way you want. Sounds like a plan to me!

    If you decide that you're ready to give us a go, check us out and get started!

    1st Month 40% OFF to Get Started!