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    News — how to get rid of cable and still watch tv

    How To Get Rid Of Cable and Still Watch TV

    How To Get Rid Of Cable and Still Watch TV

    Hello my friends,

    Shannon here with some more tips and information about keeping the family happy while saving another dollar! This is a game of cents... the more "cents" you have, the less expensive your decision making will be!

    Many of us are still trapped in the delusion that we can't get rid of cable or where can I find someone reputable enough to take their advice and try out other options besides cable.

    Well, perhaps you should keep reading my posts maybe ask me some questions and soon you feel brazen enough to try it out. You don't have to cancel your cable TV if you're not ready!

    In fact, I would recommend keeping it, if you follow my instructions and reduce it all the way down to the basic, basic. Then add VIP Stream TV to your list for just $25. 

    It's legit like paying for HBO, Showtime or some other premium channel you would normally do per month.

    Only now you're getting ALL THE PREMIUM channels and then some!

    Let me ask you, why pay $40 for HULU when you would get over 2,000 channels PLUS thousands of movies that play in 1080p and 4k with our streaming set up?

    I don't know either but you are missing out, you just don't know it because you haven't seen what you could have over what you don't.

    VIP Stream TV is a service that will ultimately pay for itself my friend. To those of you who are paying for cable, you're definitely paying well over $25 per month for it. Some of you actually pay for the fights as well.

    With our set up, you'd keep more than you're paying out. Over just a few months, you could use your savings any way you want. Sounds like a plan to me!

    If you decide that you're ready to give us a go, check us out and get started!

    1st Month 40% OFF to Get Started!