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    Best Paid IPTV For KODI

    Best Paid IPTV For KODI

    In the world of technology we are often searching for the best deal but we also want updated technology that still functions in the appropriate generation.

    You don't see companies still offering dial up packages for internet because most of the known world is aware that you can purchase high speed internet and at the very least, choose the lowest package which is still much faster than dial up.

    KODI has become the answer to millions of TV viewers questions on hot to budget watch TV and still get some sense of value. Now, I must admit, KODI isn't free of it's own hangups but when it's free or should I say, when all you have to pay for is programming every 90 days, it's somewhat more worthwhile than paying $200 per month for satellite or cable.

    Free IPTV apps to download for KODI are far from superior when you compare them to paid versions. Watch tv shows HD, better channels, night and day buffering issues and actual customer support is what you can expect to get when it comes to a paid service like VIP Stream TV

    What I love about technology is the choice we can make in customizing our services the way we want. Now you have the ability to watch what you want, when you want at the price you want.

    For just $25 per month, you can get 5 TV connections and 2,000 channels. We can stop right there and this offer beats HULU, SLING, YouTube TV and Xfinity. You get, all live sports packages, stream local tv channels including news, all premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and all PPV movies and fight events..

    Before you reply with "Wow..." you also get a mobile add which is free with service that allows you to go watch movies online with any android device or laptop without IP restrictions.

    VIP Stream TV is the best paid IPTV for KODI you're going to find. If you have a firestick and you're looking to add a quality paid app, I highly recommend adding VIP Stream TV to your line up. Simply purchase your plan, download, login and enjoy!