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    Please follow download and installation instructions for your device below...


    How To Download Gold Plan 

      Firestick Installation:

      • Step1: Go to Search
      • Step2: Type in DOWNLOADER
      • Step3: Download the Downloader App
      • Step4: Open the Downloader App and enter just the "url's" below...
      • Updated App Version: http://kodikiller.tv/viptv2.apk 
      • Old App Version: http://kodikiller.tv/viptv.apk
      • Step5: Allow time for App to install
      • Step6: Once downloaded, click install
      • Step7: Once installed, click open
      • Step8: Enter your Username and Password
      • Step9: Click login and enjoy your streams!

      You will receive an email with your Username and Password within 24 hours. Based on the package you purchased will determine the type of installation instructions you will have to follow. This is VERY simple and will take about 1.5 minutes for you to complete.

      *FOR BONUS APP INSTALLATION: Follow same instructions above


      How To Download Gold Plan To Your Phone

      Installation For Phone

      VIP Stream Tv is supported on all ANDROID Devices:
      ​Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to setup our Live VIP Stream Tv App.

      • Step1: Go to settings. Go to Locks and Security. Go to Unknown Sources and turn on to allow 3rd party apps. 
      • Step2: Go to your browser.
      • Step3: Type http://kodikiller.tv/viptv2.apk in the search bar, click enter, and allow the file to download. Give it a moment while it downloads. In the video you will see the "OLD APP" do not use that one.
      • Step4: After the file has downloaded, you will go back to your main screen and go to your apps.
      • Step5: Find either “Downloads” or “APK/APP Installer and open the app.
      • Step6: Find the file labeled “dual.apk” and click it to begin the installation.  (If prompted to allow devices from unknown source, click allow)
      • Step7: Once the app has installed, Open and enter your username and password to begin streaming.

      How To Install Service On Nvidia Shield

      Download this URL: http://kodikiller.tv/viptv2.apk


      For Apple (iOS) Devices Use The IPTV Smarters App

      Download the IPTV Smarters App from App Store and use your login details we send to you. When it asks you for the URL please enter: tvstreamer.app




      instead of entering "bit.ly/soplayer" Enter: kodikiller.tv/nora2.apk

      Provider ID: 455